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The foundation supports small local projects in the Gambia which have a great amount of Jiki…

Jiki is Mandinka

Mandinka is a tribal language spoken in the Gambia.

Jiki is a noun and means hope, trust, reliability and optimism.

Jiki is a PBO

Donations to a Public Benefit Organisation
have certain tax benefits :)

What is Jiki?

Jiki is a noun in Mandinka. Mandinka is a tribal language spoken in the Gambia. It means hope, trust, reliability and optimism. The Jiki Foundation supports small optimistic local projects in the Gambia.

What does Jiki do?

The Jiki Foundation acts mostly as an ambassador and a channel for funds and goods. The volunteers will gladly tell you all about the country and the amazing people who are working very hard on their plans to better not just their own situation, but those of their communities and country.

Why Jiki?

If you are not able to visit the Gambia yourself (which is really worth your while) and if you are unable to support the projects we mention here directly, the Jiki Foundation can bring your donation to the Gambia for you.

How does Jiki do that?

The Jiki Foundation runs completely on volunteers. The costs of the foundation are paid for by the board. Instead of taking money from the foundation, they only put money in. That way, 100% of your donation is guaranteed to reach the projects who need it.

Laughing kids in Kubuneh Gambia

The idea behind Jiki

In the Netherlands we have a lot and we want others to have just as much as we do. Do we realize how well we are off often enough or are we too busy? And do we stop to think that our prosperity comes in part from their poverty? The current system still drains more money from Africa to already very wealthy people than we can send over there as development aid and a lot of that aid is taken before it reaches the people. It is not strange that we tend to close our eyes to the big problems in the world which we can not fix. It is not strange they try to break through our pessimistic paralysis with ever more shocking images. It does seem impossible to change the system, but the reality is that doing nothing is NOT an option! That is why we feel it is way past time for some optimism. For some Jiki :)

Time for some optimism!

  • The optimism we have seen in the Gambians and other remarkable people working on very big dreams in a small scale.
  • The optimism they instilled in us so we could bring it home as our most treasured souvenir and share it with you.
  • The optimism we received in return from you to bring back to the Gambia in the form of enthusiastically gathered baby clothes, umbilical cord clamps, blood pressure meters, tools and money.

In short: the optimism that, no matter how small it starts, inspires, infects others, grows and will eventually be strong enough to change that system!

Lamin Bojang and his family in Gambia

The question is not 'why?', it's 'why not?'

Will you join? On our website you can read more about amazing people doing amazing things and could really use your help with that. Jiki supports them and hopes you will do the same :)

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